A Lot Like Love Series

Feels Like Forever (published November 21, 2016)

feels-like-foreverYour best friends are what life is all about. They make you stronger. Happier. Ready to face the world.

Just ask 18 year-old Evelyn Sanders. With her friends at her back, she’s poised for all of her dreams to come true. She’s not looking for a guy to make her complete. Especially not a football player sexy enough to start a fan club and a dimple that stops girls in their tracks.

Luke Rogers just wants to have a good time. His loyalties lie with his brothers on the team. But he can’t resist the girl that sees beyond his practiced smile and victories on the field.

The heat between them is like nothing they’ve ever felt. But devastating circumstances can break even the strongest bond. Will the heartache and manipulation that change their lives bring them closer together or tear them apart?

*This book contains sexual content*

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Never Let Go (published February 28, 2017)

never-let-goAfter a devastating loss, Evelyn Sanders and Luke Rogers think the worst is behind them. They’re starting college with the world at their feet. But dreams of football glory and a happily ever after are shattered when past secrets blow up in their faces. They could have had it all, but some betrayals may be too much to forgive.

Every day it gets harder for Luke to control the rage growing inside him. Forged by his dark past, he’s determined to turn himself around before he becomes the very thing he despises. He won’t quit until he makes himself worthy of the woman he loves. But can he do it before she gives her heart to someone else?

There’s another man waiting in the wings. One who’s loved Evelyn as long as he has. One who has never hurt her. And Marcus is done waiting. Only Evelyn can decide if her future lies with her high school sweetheart or the guy who wants to mend her broken heart.

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Hold on Tight (releases May 22, 2017)

hold on tight

Preeti Basu has always been able to get any guy she wants. After an attack threatens to shatter the confidence that defines her, she sets her sights on the man who saved her from her nightmare. But seduction is much harder when her target is more interested in getting into her heart than her pants.

Marcus Hunter is a gentleman of the first order with old fashioned values and the heart of a romantic. A heart still mending from a recent break-up and a crash that made a wheelchair part of his life forever. The last thing he expects is to fall again so soon, but some fires burn too hot to be denied.

And sometimes, the nice guy really can get the girl.

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